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通知公告 Notice

Safety Notice

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Safety Notice

Dear friends,

      As always and as well as for vacation, the office would like to remind everybody to stay safe and to take note of the following:

      Personal Safety:

      Please refrain from going to areas where your safety might be compromised, including shady and sketchy bars, internet cafés, karaoke clubs, and other such places. Please make sure to not be alone out at night or loiter in solitary locations and be accompanied when out. Remember to close the front door when entering and exiting the dormitory. When heading out, please shut the power in the rooms off, disconnect from the internet, and close the windows. Please avoid using high-consumption electrical devices. Please take note of locations of fire extinguishers and fire hydrants.

      Personal Belongings:

      When traveling, please make sure that your purses/wallets and identifying documents are securely on your person. Do not flash cash, high-grade devices, and name-brand merchandise or disclose sensitive and personally identifying information to strangers. We recommend students to make purchases using bank cards and not use excessive amounts of large monetary bills. Before entering ATMs, please check your surroundings for suspicious characters and quickly secure all funds withdrawn onto your person after concluding your transactions. Do not make transactions at night.

      Traffic Safety:

      Please follow traffic laws when out and buckle up when in vehicles. Do not get into vehicles without proper licensure and plating. Do not operate vehicles alone at night. Always remember to take note of license plate numbers of vehicles should accidents occur. In such cases, remember to remain calm and contact the appropriate personnel for assistance.

      In case of special emergencies, students should immediately contact their instructors or fellow classmates. Please remember the emergency telephone number for the university, the number for the authorities, and the contact information of instructors as well as that of fellow classmates.  In addition, please take special care of passports and other important documents and keep photocopies of aforementioned documents in case proof of identity is required should the situation arise.

Wish you all a safe and pleasant stay at Qingdao University


                               International Students Office

                                       September1, 2016