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通知公告 Notice

Convenient Stay Information

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Convenient Stay for International Students
at Qingdao University

I. Dorm Room Features


Free tap water is provided in the dormitory, but it cannot be drunk directly. Boiled drinking water is provided in the shared kitchens of every second floor in the dormitory building.


In             China , electricity is supplied at 220 volts.            

Furniture and Amenities

All dorm rooms include a bathroom, TV set, telephone, air-conditioner (this doubles as a heating unit), desk lamp, desk and chairs, single bed, mattress, and bedding, which includes pillows, blankets, and sheets. All bathrooms include a shower and a Western toilet, and all rooms can be equipped with a wireless Internet connection.

Repair Requests

If you find an issue with your room or a broken appliance, you can tell the reception desk on the ground floor

Dormitory Closing Time (Curfew)

Dormitory doors are locked at night. If student wants to enter or leave the dormitory after curfew, he or she should get permission from the office and inform the doorman first. Curfew times are as follows:

Sunday to Thursday, 23:00 p.m. – 5:30 a.m.

Friday to Saturday,   23:30 p.m. – 5:30 a.m.

II.   Dormitory Facilities

The Office of International students is on the B floor of Mixing Building to the right of the front door.

Convenience Store

There is a 7-11 convenience store on the west corner of Minxing Building. Many daily use items, snacks, drinks, and miscellaneous can be found there. Convenience Store is open daily 24hours

Laundry Rooms

Each dormitory building includes laundry facilities. Laundry detergent is not provided. You can use Room card to pay for laundry.


There is a cafeteria in Minxing Building on the 2nd floor, at the very end to the right of the main hallway, providing a variety of Chinese dishes. The price of each dish is listed on the window above each item. Free soup or porridge is provided every day. The Room card can be used to pay meal and laundry.

Lunch is served Monday to Saturday from 11:30 – 13:30.

Dinner is served Monday to Saturday from 17:00 – 19:00.

III.   Communication


All dormitory rooms can be equipped with access to wireless Internet. Please come to the reception desk to apply for wireless access.

Internet Café is on the 1st floor to the right of the staircase in Minxing Building.

IV.  Useful Information


Credit Cards and Cash

At any AAA travel agency, students can purchase a rechargeable Visa Travel Money check card. Students can deposit cash into the card and withdraw cash at most ATM locations in China . Visa credit cards are honored at most large restaurants, shops, and ATM locations. However, the University does not accept credit card transactions; only cash is accepted as payment. More helpful information can be found through http://www.flyerguide.com/wiki/index.php/Credit/Debit/ATM_Cards_and_Foreign_Exchange.

Exchanging Currency

You can exchange currency into Chinese RMB at any of Cashing dollars into RMB. To find the Bank of China, take any of the following bus routes.

      Bus 31/ 316, four stops, 200 meters back from Carrefour, next to Yunxiao   Road.

      Bus 31/ 316, two stops, 50 meters back, cross street, Next to Sanford Hotel.

      Bus 31/ 316, six stops, 100 meters ahead, cross street, World Trade Center.

Beside the main gate of the university, there is a China Construction Bank, and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China . ATM machines are available at these banks.


There are many places to shop in the city. Bus 31/ 316/321 are opposite to the main gate of QU. Buses 11/ 226 are to the right of the main gate. For most buses in Qingdao, the fare is 1 RMB per person per ride. You can buy a traffic card by Mykal that will reduce bus fare to 0.8 RMB per ride.

Markets & Grocery Stores

      Xinjia Zhuang Market: one stop from the main gate to the right. They have fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, and more.

      Aeon (formerly Jusco): Bus 31/ 316/321, three stops, across the underground/subway.

      Carrefour: Bus 31/ 316/321, four stops.

      RT Mart: Bus 11, at Nanjing Road stop, 100 meters walk toward east (back).

Malls & Shopping Centers

      Taidong Commercial Area: Bus 11, destination.

      Zhongshan Shopping Street: Bus 316, 15 stops

      Jimo Bargaining Market: popular among visitors for its wide variety of merchandise, especially souvenirs. Bus 301 , Zhongshan Road stop. Taxi fee: about 20yuan   

Book City (Xinhua Bookstore)

Located at a crossroad, Book City is the biggest bookstore in Qingdao. Books, magazines, audio-video products and more are available in different languages. Maps in English are available on the first floor. Book City is open every day from 9:00 – 21:00. Take bus 31/ 316/321 two stops, walk 100 meters ahead.


There are many restaurants of Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Western styles all around the campus and almost everywhere in Qingdao. Aeon (formerly Jusco), Carrefour, Taidong Area and Zhongshan Road, just to mention a few.

      Yunxiao Road: a door-to-door restaurant street, Bus 31/ 316/321, four stops, 150 meters back from Carrefour, to the left, next to Bank of China.

Developing Photos

Here are three locations for printing photographs:

      Aeon: Bus 31/ 316/321, three stops, across the underground/subway.

      Gaoxiong Lu bus stop, Bus 31/ 316/321, one stop, 200 meters ahead, across the street, next to the gas station.

Taxi Fare

The fare for standard cars is 9 RMB or 12 RMB for the first three kilometers, and an additional 1.20 RMB will be charged for each additional kilometer.

When taking a taxi, be sure to always take a receipt when you exit. If you lose something in the taxi, that receipt is the only way you can find the taxi driver again. If the driver refuses to turn on the meter or demonstrates otherwise inappropriate behavior, take a picture of the driver’s identification card on the dashboard. Write down the license plate number as well.



V.Important Telephone Numbers in China Important Telephone Numbers at QU

Police        110                                                                                    International Students’ Office      85955132

Fire           119                                                                                  Reception Desk                                85953117

First-aid Center        120           

Traffic Accidents      122           

Directory Inquiries  114           

Weather Forecast    12121               

Tourist Complaints Center       85912000                  

Taxi Complaints        83835074